UnTapped Market: Adult ADHD

AlterNet: There is good news and bad news about attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) — that is, if you’re a drug company. The bad news is the kid market has peaked out with 4.5 million U.S. children now carrying the label. The good news is adult ADHD is an emerging market. In fact, adult ADHD, with […]

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The Doctor of the Future?

Fast Company: “This is a $2.4 trillion industry run on handwritten notes,” says 33-year-old Dr. Jay Parkinson. “We’re using 3,000-year-old tools to deliver health care in the richest country on the planet.” His prescription: a Facebook-like platform that uses technology, from IM to video chat, to restore the traditional doctor-patient relationship that has been lost

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The Hospital at Home

Kaiser Health News: The man’s face was pasty, his eyes closed as he lay back in bed waiting for a wave of nausea to pass. Dr. Elizabeth Ward bent over him after checking his temperature, blood pressure, and oxygen levels and finding that all were normal. “Would you rather stay home or go to the

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The Doctor Who Only Charges $5

It’s not Fiverr, but there’s a Indiana doctor who still charges $5 per visit. Stepping into the office of Dr. Russell Dohner feels like a trip back in time. At his one-man practice, the phones are rotary, the records are handwritten and the charge — since the 1970s — has been just $5. It’s a

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Idea: First Aid UAV

Brad Templeton: There’s a lot of excitement about the potential of autonomous drones, be they nimble quadcopters or longer-range fixed wing or hybrid aircraft. A group of students from Singularity University, for example, has a project called MatterNet working to provide transportation infrastructure for light cargo in regions of Africa where roads wash out for

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The Business of Blood

Fast Company: Ben Bowman’s Minneapolis office, in a renovated brick warehouse, is steps from the Mississippi River. But his mind is on a different circulatory system: blood. As usual, he’s thinking about waste-1.3 million pints spoil, he claims, and get tossed every year in the U.S.-and about archaic distribution. “Can the market really be this

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