Ritzy Guard Dogs

The NY Times has a report on $230,000 guard dogs for moguls and celebrities. For that kind of money, does she fetch your slippers and mix your drinks? Don’t call her a guard dog. Buffy, a black German shepherd, and Deanna Louvier, a trainer, working out at Harrison K-9 Security Services in Aiken, S.C. When

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Lowe’s Home Improvement Launches “Iris” Smart Home

Cassandra Daily: Lowe’s Home Improvement recently launched Iris, a cloud-based “smart home” system for mobile device owners who want to monitor their homes’ security. The Iris Smart Hub’s sensors track the motion of doors and windows, thermostat temperature, and smart plugs that indicate when an appliance needs to be turned on or off. A mobile

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Protect Your Biz From Cyber Attacks

Mashable: You may think that cybersecurity is only important for major companies, but think again. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks: Without the big security budgets of Fortune 500 companies, they’re seen as easy prey by digital information thieves and corporate espionage experts. And if you’re hit by an attack, you should be prepared

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How to Disappear Completely

CSO Online: In a world where we share more information online than ever before, it might seem impossible to disappear completely. But Frank Ahearn can help. A professional skip tracer for many years, he tracked down ‘missing’ persons for clients who were searching for them for legal or financial reasons. His arsenal included use of

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Solar Panel Security Bizop

Solar panels aren’t even ubiquitous yet and already solar panel theft is a big problem. In the past year, over 400 panels, worth at least a thousand dollars each, have been stolen from the vineyards of Napa County, California. As more homes and businesses install solar panels, the problem will grow. Ground-mounted panels are the

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