Coffeeshop Office Etiquette

suite101: Offering free WIFI costs a cafe very little, and can attract some good business. It’s a good deal for everyone, if users are conscientious about setting up shop in the coffee house. If you really want to be a welcome worker in the cafe scene, here are some common sense tips to try: –

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Save Money And Boost Productivity With Video Conferencing Video conferencing can help companies increase collaboration and cut travel expenses, stress, and wasted time. High-end video conference systems are still an option for larger companies, but for smaller businesses with small business budgets, these options costing $30,000 and more are often out of reach. However, PC based video conferencing, especially those that allow

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Sensors Shake Up Gadgets

USA TODAY: Entrepreneur James Park’s new gizmo can monitor sleep habits and daily exercise, automatically. The $99 Fitbit Tracker, coming in January, is a small device that knows both how many calories you burned and how long it took you to fall asleep. How does Fitbit accomplish all of this? With a tiny motion sensor,

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$100 Device Just For Email

Springwise: In a world populated by gadgets with increasingly varied and complex capabilities, there stand out a lone few that do just one thing really well. The iPod is one classic example, and earlier this month another was released that may even have the potential to attain as devoted a consumer following, if the early

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