Weird: Corn Growing Robot

The corn farmer might soon become extinct. According to Kahleej Times, Eduardo Rodriguez Hernandez recently created a unique robot that can plow, plant, care for, and harvest corn. The farmer up at five am to begin the day’s chores may finally get to sleep in during planting season. “This kind of parallel robot is made […]

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Horseshoe Comeback?

Horses shoes used to be a staple of the town blacksmith. Will they be again? Horse shoes are making a comeback — this time on women’s shoes. Is this a craze you want to be a part of? See more examples in A Closer Look At The Hoof Shoe Trend: 5 Fashionable Or Freaky Hooves.

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Weird: Salt Made From Tears

The next time you feel down, just think of all the money you could make from selling your tears! Hoxton Street Monster Supplies offers a variety of salt, for every kind of tear. Salt Made From Tears combines centuries-old craft with the freshest human tears which are gently boiled, released into shallow crystallisation tanks, then

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Liquid “Cremations”

Popular Science: A Florida funeral home has debuted a new alternative to cremation, known as the Resomator, that uses heated alkaline water to dissolve bodies in about three hours. Why do we need an alternative to cremation in the first place? Turns out cremation devices use lots of energy, release a fair amount of carbon

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Same Height Parties

Core77: Berlin-based artist Hans Hemmert (famous for his work with balloons) threw a party where guests wore shoe-extenders to make them all the same height of 2 meters. Aside from bringing the partygoers all to a common eye level (and eliminating the awkward postures of party talk between the tall and the short), the gathering

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