August 2016

Does Your Business Need an App?

It often seems as though there is an app for everything these days. From ordering pizza to completely mundane tasks, you will be able to find an app. It has become so prevalent that few companies even question if they need one in the first place. It can often feel like a trend that everyone thinks they need to follow without actually knowing why. If you are a startup, you too may be wondering about creating an app for your company. It seems like a good way to draw in potential customers and cater to a growing demand, so why not. Read the article below to discover if this is really what you should do:

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How to Plan For A Very Successful Business

It seems like small businesses are the wave of the future. Each year, there are numerous entrepreneurs attempting to get their startups off the ground. Unfortunately, for many of these companies, the reality can be bleak if they are ill prepared. Experts will tell you that a large number of new ventures fail within the first two years because they did not plan correctly. Read the suggestions below and make sure these statistics will not apply to you.

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4 Essential Business Fashion Accessories

Here is something a little different for us – a fun article about business (and not so business) fashions. For those of you who are working in an office, travelling or are out meeting contacts and clients, here are some tips on what to wear and not to wear.

Gone are the days when a navy business suit was the way to leave a lasting business impression. Times are changing, and today, business fashion has become more casual and playful than ever. Some companies even feel if your shirt is to stiff – you must be a stiff shirt.

In business fashion today, accessories can play an important role and celebrities can take a lot of credit for that. Stars from Angelina Jolie to Kim Kardashian choose to always look good because they know importance of making a fashion statement has on their brand.

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How Skoda Turned Their Business Around By Targeting A New Audience

Anyone who grew up before the 2000s has probably heard their fair share of jokes about Skodas, and how prone they were to breakdowns. Anyone who grew up after the 2000s would probably raise an eyebrow at that. The company, which has a history in both bicycle repair and arms manufacturing, has performed one of the most dramatic turnarounds in quality and reputation in the history of the industry since it became a VW subsidiary and has become one of the most well reputed brands in the UK—a rival to the likes of Audi—to the point that the Skoda Yeti was rated the best car overall in 2013 by Auto Express.

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