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Prescriptive Analytics: Make the Most of Your Business

Prescriptive analytics uses data mining and mathematical optimization techniques to provide decision support to business users. Let's look at how this field of analytics can help your business.
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5 Ways to Increase Creativity in Your Office Workspace

If you want to be successful in your business or personal life, you need creativity. The question is: How do you consistently put yourself in situations where you can maximize creative thought and ingenuity on a regular basis?
Business Manager

Business Manager Resume Writing Guide: What to Include

A competent business manager resume should possess relevant interpersonal skills along with leadership, analytical, communication, and financial management skills. Let’s review what a strong resume should include.

How To Market Your Photography Business

Learn simple and easy ways to market your photography business to the right audience so you can start shooting more sessions! These...
Using YouTube

6 Effective Strategies to Promote Your Business Using YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video hosting service. Like other social media channels, it enables users to interact, create, and share video content worldwide. Using YouTube can be a valuable marketing tool to promote your businesses if used correctly.
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Big Names and Bitcoin: A Volatile Mix

Bitcoin has been in the news lately, as some big names have become associated with it, both negatively and positively. What does this mean for you, either as an investor or as a business owner? Let’s take a look.
Website Design

4 Website Design Tips You Need to Know

Building a website can increase traffic to your business. However, it needs to be done correctly. Follow these four tips to create a unique business website design that will draw the right attention to your business.
ideal business plan

Writing an Ideal Business Plan: Tips for Students

Writing an ideal business plan helps any graduating student jump-start their business endeavor or business career. Here is what you must learn to include.
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Oil and Gold: Good Trading Partners?

Arguably, oil and gold are the two most traded commodities in the markets. The fact is, both are popular trading vehicles. And each has its own unique characteristics that make it profitable on its own. However, when traded together, they constitute a powerful combination.
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Bull and Bear Markets: What Is the Difference?

You have probably heard the terms "bull market" and "bear market." But what do these two terms mean? In this post, we explain the differences between bull and bear markets.
OUI lawyer

How to Choose a Good OUI Lawyer

How can you choose a good OUI lawyer? In this post, we explain three key factors that you should use to evaluate an OUI attorney that you are considering hiring.
essay topic

Choose a Personal Essay Topic That Will Help You to Succeed

Have you decided that earning an MBA will help you be a better entrepreneur? If so, you're going to have to choose a personal essay topic for your application to graduate school. Regardless of the fact that an essay is limited in scope, it plays an essential role in your application. What theme should you choose that will provide insight into your worldview? How will you leave a deep impression and easily stand out from other applicants? If this is your situation, we have some advice for you.
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Want Better Smartphone Pictures? Check Out InPixio Photo Clip

Smartphones are getting better and better at taking photographs. However, if you want the pictures you take with your smartphone to really stand out, you owe it to yourself to check out InPixio Photo Clip. Whether you're taking pictures for business marketing purposes or for personal use, nearly every photograph you take could use a little touch up. That's where InPixio Photo Clip comes to the rescue. A simple app that works well on both Mac and PC, this software can make your pictures look a whole lot better. What's more, it is simple and easy to use.

How to Persuasively Use Storytelling in Sales

Until recently, salespeople have been slow to catch on to the power of storytelling in their presentations. One benefit they might not have considered is that storytelling levels the playing field. It’s no longer one person who has something to sell and one person who is considering buying it. Instead, it’s two people sharing a human experience because storytelling makes the salesperson more relatable.

When Should You Hire a Collection Agency?

Businesses are often reluctant to hire a collection agency. They worry that sending a client to collections will permanently damage their relationship with the client. Or they think they will harm their own reputation. In fact, though, hiring a professional collection agency is one of the best ways to preserve your reputation. In this post, we discuss some of the situations in which you should definitely call upon the services of a collection agency.
affiliate marketing

Diligent Creatives Can Achieve an Excellent Income with Affiliate Marketing

Are you creative, talented, and hardworking? Would you like to turn your website or blog into a reliable engine for passive income? You can do exactly that with affiliate marketing.

5 Of the Best-Kept Secrets from the Biggest Businesses in the World

When drawing inspiration for business success, it doesn't hurt to look at the tactics of those right at the top of their game. After...

Wedding Invitations That Look Like Rock Concert Posters

Seattle Times: Like many brides and bridegrooms, Katie Mercurio and Jeremy Geddis had specific ideas about their wedding. No pink. Lots of lavender. Traditional Seattle food...

Should You Write a Book?

Someone, somewhere, is going to steal your business idea, so don't sit on it. A reader asked via #askDane on Twitter: Hi Dane. I sell...

Have Lawyers Compete For Your Business

CoolBusinessIdeas.com: In Canada, MyLawBid saves people time and money when searching for a lawyer by having lawyers compete for their business. It also saves...