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3 Reasons to Take Personal Finance Seriously

3 Reasons to Take Personal Finance Seriously

The concept of personal finance encompasses a wide range of topics that include planning for the present and preparing for the future. It can even affect how you run your business, or whether you can even start one.
9 Tips for a More Productive Work from Home Routine

9 Tips for a More Productive Work from Home Routine

If you work from home, the habits you develop shape routines you live by every day of the week. The right routine will promote improved productivity and boost your overall well-being.
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Water Filter Buying Guide

We already know just how vital water is for our health. But just how clean is the water you are consuming? Even more importantly, should you purchase a water filter for your home or place of business?
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Tips on Finding Quality Appliances

Before you decide to shop for new appliances for your home, you need to know which ones are worth the cost. Some appliances are expensive, and with these you generally can’t go wrong. But you can also find good appliances that won’t empty your bank account. These tips will help you determine which ones to buy.
More Productive

7 Ways to Empower Your Team to Be More Productive

In the modern world, teams are an essential part of any successful business and are the backbone of any organization. If you empower them to be more productive, they will reciprocate that empowerment.
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Legal Work: How to Improve Efficiency in a Law Company

Law firms' archaic practices are rapidly giving way to innovation as the American Bar Association approves new technologies, including AI, for their work. With so much disruption afoot, how can a modern law company become more efficient?

6 Ways to De-Stress After a Long Day of Work

Most people, especially business owners, understand the physical and mental demand work has on their body. Use these six ways to help de-stress after a long day.
investment strategy

Which Investment Strategy Works Best for You?

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. All it takes is a regulated and reliable broker, a robust trading platform, and a profitable investment strategy.
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Is Kratom Safe? What Does the FDA Say?

If you're considering starting a business in the kratom industry, you should read this article first. For one thing, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recommend its use for any therapeutic reason. What's more, while kratom appears to be useful for treating chronic pain relief and some other ailments, it also has some harmful side effects.

Banks vs. Alternative Lenders: Which Is Best for Small Businesses?

The financial crisis of 2008 is a decade behind us. However, the top financial challenge facing small business owners continues to be access to credit. When they do seek funds, they often turn first to those they know: main street banks. However, traditional loans are notoriously difficult to get, so small businesses are increasingly turning to alternative financing options.

Is It Time For Physiotherapy In The Workplace?

There’s been a seismic shift over the past decade in employers understanding the benefits of occupational health for both the company and the employee....

Comfort Keepers Asking For Food Donations During September

State College News: At least one in nine seniors are at-risk of going hungry due to the inability to obtain sufficient food for their household...

A WAVE Of Better Solutions For Your Home

What if you could improve many areas within your home? Would you want increased water efficiency in appliances, like your washer? How...

Herbalife Family Foundation Provides Nutrition Grants To Organizations In Mexico

BusinessWire: The Herbalife Family Foundation provided grants to improve nutrition for kids at risk to two charitable organizations in Mexico. Created in 1945, Hogar Providencia Don...

USA Insulation Of Ohio Expands With A Location Serving The Akron-Canton Area

PRLog.Org: An innovative business model and high quality product have helped USA Insulation expand rapidly. An increasing number of homeowners have realized the benefits of...