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Marketing Transparency and Your Customer

Excellence in marketing directly impacts consumer spending around the world. You want to get your message through a crowded marketplace. Here is how.
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Backlinks Are the Lifeblood of Your SEO Strategy

Website owners who rank high for competitive keywords say they owe their results to aggressive link building. While not everyone agrees, if you don’t hold onto backlinks as the foundation of your SEO strategy, you have slim chance of ranking your site.
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Marketing Steps You’re Skipping (But Shouldn’t)

Only one-fourth of small businesses invest in online marketing. Is yours one of them? If so, are you taking the proper marketing steps to ensure you're getting the most effective return for every dollar you spend?
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How to Find a Manufacturer in China in 2019

Manufacturing in China: Set aside your doubts and see why everybody does it. We tell you how to find a manufacturer in China, import from China, and grow your business the right way.
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Internet Marketing Trends and Forecasts

In this article, we discuss Internet marketing trends, focusing on the interaction between brands and customers. We also talk about digital tools that assist businesses in increasing profits.
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Food Truck Tips: Get Noticed in a Sea of City Noise

To get your food truck noticed in a noisy city, you have to understand the industry. Today we take a look at seven different strategies for making your food truck stand out from the crowd.
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The 7 Powerful Secrets of Successful Opt-in Campaigns

Opt-in campaigns are powerful ways to increase your potential conversions over an extended period of time. But what makes an opt-in campaign successful? There are tons of potential variables. However, these are seven of the most important factors for success.
SEO myths

These 5 SEO Myths Can Be Dangerous to Your Digital Marketing

SEO is a dynamic field. What's more, it's constantly changing. Therefore, you need to stay up-to-date lest you get left behind by your competition. In the spirit of keeping current, there are several SEO myths that you should erase from your mind. That's because your belief in them could hinder your digital marketing efforts.
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4 Tips for Launching a Successful Print Magazine in the Digital Age

In an age when digital content is omnipresent, there’s actually tremendous value in print publications. Not only does print cut through the noise, but it also commands a certain level of value that its online counterparts cannot. If you’re interested in launching a print magazine, read on to discover what it looks like to be successful in the midst of the digital age.

Backlinks: The Importance of Link Building to Your Online Business

If you want a really influential website for your online business, you're going to have to invest some time in link building. In other words, you'll need to attract some quality backlinks.
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Manage Your Finances and Stay Debt-Free with These Tips

It can be difficult to stay debt-free when you're running a small business. However, you don't need to be a financial expert to control your finances. Use a bit of common sense along with some simple money management tips, and you can learn to live within your means. You'll be better off financially as you learn to grow your business and your money simultaneously. Here we share a few tips that can help.

Grease Trap: Will You Need One for Your Food Preparation Business?

If you’ve just recently bought into a retail business that’s related to food preparation, you'll need to be sure your business has a properly functioning grease trap on the premises. That's because, as a business owner in the food preparation industry, you now have certain responsibilities regarding waste disposal on your premises. We spoke with Steve Neale of Superior Plumbing Drainage & Gas, a Perth plumbing company with more than a decade of professional plumbing experience. We asked Steve to tell us everything there is to know about grease traps.

Getting the Positive Reviews You Need for Your Business

The margin for error in small business is extremely thin. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why there is such a high rate of failure for small businesses, especially in their first few years of existence. This is also a major reason why your small business needs all the positive reviews it can get.

4 Essential Things That Your Business Can’t Afford Not to Have

When you first start your business, the idea of conservative money management may seem to be something of an abstraction. It's only when you experience the negative ramifications of spending more than you earn and the resultant cash flow crises that you gradually become more cost-conscious. You may be highly motivated to run your business as cost-effectively as possible. However, there are some things that your businesses really can't afford not to have. These are things like marketing, accounting, a good location, and a business education. Let's take a closer look at why these four aspects of your business are so essential for your business growth.

3 Creative Ways to Buy Wholesale Items in Bulk

Whether you own a retail storefront in your local city or host a shop online, buying wholesale items in bulk has its advantages. Unless you sell your own handmade products, buying products at wholesale and selling them at a retail price is the foundation of a good business. Deciding what to buy is the most exciting aspect of owning a retail store. However, it takes skill and know-how to distinguish between what your customers want and what will just sit on the shelves. Whether you sell items based on your passions, market trends, or market needs, here are some of the most popular ways to buy low-cost products of any kind that will be the right items for your shop.
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What Your Business Needs to Create Quality Content

The goal of quality content creation is to generate useful information that is guaranteed to engage your audience. Only a high level of linguistic prowess and verbal dexterity will properly supply you with content that accurately represents your brand. If you’re unsure about the type of content your business needs, or how to create it, get content for your website or blog from professionals who understand and appreciate the art of content creation.

Common SEO Mistakes Search Marketers Refuse to Abandon

If you are making any of the mistakes we discuss in this article, stop right now! While you may notice short-term gains, your long-term rankings will suffer. Quality, ethical SEO is the only surefire way to survive in the online world. And in order to deliver quality, you must write, develop and optimize for people—not Google.

3 Growth Hacking Tips on Instagram

Growth hacking is a term many marketers like to throw around these days, yet only a few really understand how to leverage it for real-world results. Its ultimate goal is the exponential growth of the company. In short, growth hacking is reaching your target astronomically fast. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Tips on How to Guarantee Business Continuity for Your Online Store

The success of an online store is not determined by the number of customers it has but by its ability to maintain that customer base for the long term. It is not easy to keep customers coming back to buy from your store. You have to spend a lot of time, resources and money to keep your business thriving on an everyday basis. Luckily, you can hire an SEO agency in Melbourne to set up campaigns that work to keep your current customers. Choose one with the right mix of expertise in effective marketing and attract even more customers to your store. The following tips can help you to replicate sales in your online store.

Your Home Office on the Road: A Converted Mercedes Benz Camper Van

Are you self-employed? Do you dream of taking your life—and your business—on the road? Do you see yourself traveling from town to town, living as a troubadour of old, except for the fact that you use your phone as a hotspot so you can do freelance work for clients at will? Well, here’s an idea that could put you a step closer to that dream: a plan for converting a Mercedes Sprinter into a luxurious camper van. (If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream in Technicolor, right?) Read on for more details.