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iCare Intelligent Home Care Solutions: Talking Care With CEO Bill Redfern

The home care industry assists seniors with staying comfortably in their own homes. I got an inside look at the business in a recent chat with founder and CEO Bill Redfern.

Talking Commercial Services With City Wide CEO: Jeff Oddo

Dane talks with Jeff Oddo, President of City Wide Maintenance, about the business, Jeff's time as a houseboy for a college sorority and more.

Talking Gourmet Mac and Cheese

Dan started making fancy macaroni and cheese as a child. As an adult, he realized his passion for creating tasty meals could be put to better use than just pleasing friends, and decided he wanted to share his mac with the world.

Coming Soon: Talking Trees

Someday soon, you'll be able to ask your trees whether they need more water... and they'll answer you. They won't use human voices, rather the...

Talking Franchising On A Spring Day

VEGAS INC: Though it’s usually brief in this desert, spring is a season in which daydreaming is a constant threat to productivity. No matter what...

Inventor’s Journal: Talking Toilet Paper Dispenser

One year ago today, Rich Whittle spoke to Russ Colby, the inventor of the Talking Toilet Paper Dispenser for Inventor’s Journal. The video is below.

Whos Talking About Your Business?

photo credit: PinkMoose Over the next few weeks MyVenturePad will be posting an article every week on the five T's of word of mouth advertising....

Talking Floral Bouquets

Springwise: Greeting cards that talk or play music have been around for a while now, so it seems natural to see those capabilities extended to...

Meet the Talking Menu

BusinessWeek: In mid-2006, Susan Perry was inspired by her niece, who suffers from macular degeneration. Sitting at a restaurant, Perry grabbed a napkin and sketched...

Talking About Beauty Awards, Then MARY KAY Is Not Behind

The Morung Express: It’s just been a year that Mary Kay got launched in India and the products have started winning awards. In a recently held...
10 Sites Where You Can Buy YouTube Views

Top 10 Sites Where You Can Buy YouTube Views

Have you ever thought about making money from your content? If so, this article is perfect for you. Here we offer up ten sites where you can buy YouTube views and get full-fledged promotion of your content.
Lensa: A Small Company Making a Big Difference

Lensa: A Small Company Making a Big Difference

Since its launch in San Francisco, California, in 2016, Lensa has been empowering both employers and job seekers with the resources they need to make better, more informed decisions leading to a far more successful employer/employee fit.
moving with kids - featured image

Moving with Kids: Your Guide for a Smooth Transition

Moving is stressful for everyone, adults and kids alike. This can be especially true if you own a home-based business—and if you have children. What tips should you know to move smoothly and without any hassles? Keep reading to learn more.
loan broker - featured image

Picking the Right Loan Broker in 2022: A Beginner’s Guide

When you're choosing a loan broker in 2022, credit plays a big part. But it's not the only deciding factor. Here, we discuss some of the common factors a loan broker looks into when evaluating your loan application, along with some things you need to consider.
entertaining clients - featured image

5 Tips for Entertaining Clients: How to Wow Them

If you own a business or work in sales, entertaining clients comes with the territory. But if it’s something you’ve struggled with in the past, it probably makes you nervous. So are there ways to make it a more accessible and rewarding experience?
team - featured image

How a Project Manager Can Build a Strong Team of Specialists

For a project manager, it is important not only to assemble the perfect team but also to ensure efficient work. Learn how to select valuable team assets.
market segmentation - featured image

Market Segmentation and Promotional Products

When you have a large target market, the only logical step is market segmentation. In other words, split your target market up into segments. You can then assess and influence each segment individually. Here’s how promotional products can play into that strategy.
suggested for you - featured image

How Does Instagram Pick “Suggested for You”?

In this post, we discuss how Instagram sorts through the data to come up with its "suggested for you" offerings. Knowing how the app does this can help you gain some control over this feature.

Make Your Office the Best It Can Be With These Gadgets

If you are in the process of treating your office to a much-needed makeover, it may benefit you to research a number of tech-savvy gadgets currently on the market that can allow you to revolutionize your workspace from the inside out.

The Importance of Writing a Strong Resume for Success

Why is writing a resume so important in the first place? Here are the most important reasons why you should provider a strongly written resume when applying for your dream job.