Twitter for Biz?

Beth Harte At Thinking about starting up a Twitter account for your business? Or considering allowing employees to use Twitter? Here are 10 tips to consider before getting started. 1. Decide before you join how you want to use Twitter. Will it be used for Customer Support (like Comcast does via @ComcastCares) or will […]

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Crowdsourcing The Sales Force

Springwise: If crowdsourcing can be used to improve product design, music promotion and sports team management–to name just a few of the examples we’ve written about–why not the process of finding sales leads? That question is about to be tested through a new site that aims to put the crowds to work as a sort

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The Disability Boom

Fortune Small Business: Despite his wheelchair, and often because of it, Dr. Glen House has always enjoyed doing what he isn’t supposed to. Take the time he persuaded his neighbor in Colorado Springs, J.W. Roth, to join him on vacation in the ice fields of Taku, Alaska. The trip entailed flying to a remote lodge

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Layaway Is Making A Comeback

The Wall Street Journal: Layaway, a payment practice that was made popular during the Great Depression but nearly became extinct due to the instant gratification of credit cards, is back in fashion thanks to the credit crunch. Only a handful of national retailers still let consumers put purchases aside until they have paid for them

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Rise Of The Web Savvy Shopper

Website Magazine: Gloom and doom? The holidays are fast approaching and more consumers will shop online than ever before – you can count on it. According to a recent online survey of 200 consumers commissioned by eCommerce optimization software provider Avail Intelligence, nearly 80 percent of the respondents confirmed they plan to shop online the

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