Managing Customer Frustration

photo credit: Martin Kingsley In business our number one goal is to keep our customers happy at all times. The timeless classic of “the customer is always’ right” comes into play here. But there are going to be time’s when there is more then one customer on the phone-one of them will have to hold.

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Surveying Your Customers

photo credit: guspim When opening a new business or even in an existing business, it is very important to survey your customers. There is so much information that a business owner can obtain from these surveys. Below are a few good reasons that you should survey your customers. Gaining feedback. Ask them what they truly

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Make The Recession Work For You

YoungEntrepreneur: Mark Levit, founder and managing partner of Partners & Levit, Inc., a New York advertising agency, discusses how you can make tough economic times work for you. “As the economic cycle spins, marketers look forward to the economic highs and dread inevitable recessions. When the economy goes sour, how do brands stay alive? During

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