Robotic Lawnmower Biz

< p style=”text-align: center;”> DaizyMower.com has recently launched an opportunity for individuals interested in making an extra income by becoming a dealer of their robotic lawnmowers. According to Mark Timms at DaizyMower, they have  streamlined their business model to allow anyone interested in selling their mowers to make $200 profit per sale starting October 15th. […]

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Bake Out The Bedbugs

Bedbugs are a difficult pest to get rid of, but Elizabeth Knote believes she has the key to their end with her bedbug baker. “People may have them for several months and not know it. They start in the box springs, and then they’ll go to the mattress,” Knote said. “Typically, 90 percent of them

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Glowing Wallpaper

Popular Science: The future of wallpaper is: glowing? That’s Philips’ vision for the future it seems, as the company is teaming with Kvadrat Soft Cells to create a kind of luminous textile for the consumer market that will essentially embed adjustable LEDs in an acoustic panel that can be hung on the wall to provide

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Zip Pipes Clean

Twelve years ago, Gene Luoma had a problem. His daughter had long hair, and it loved to clog up his bath tub. He tried a variety of different ways to get the clog out, but he was always unsuccessful. One day he noticed a sled hanging in his garage, and an idea began to emerge.

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The DIY Eco-Island

Ever wish you could own an island? Well, if the price is too high for you then maybe you should make one instead. According to the MailOnline, a British inventor, Richard ‘Rishi’ Sowar, has created his very own island in the Caribbean using 120,000 plastic bottles and some ingenuity. Filling fabric bags with the discarded

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IronDrive Coatings

Looking for an inexpensive service franchise to run out of your home? Enjoy dealing with the public and working outdoors? In business since 1992, IronDrive Coatings provides quality installation of garage floor, driveway, walkway and pool deck coatings. The company’s innovative epoxy garage floor coating system is easy to apply and takes one third of

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