The Next Big Zing

The Next Big Zing is all about finding the latest and greatest products across 12 categories. Dhana Cohen, the founder, is an expert in the inventor world, a judge for INPEX, As Seen on TV,, writes a monthly column in Inventors Digest, and co-hosts an internet radio show. She not only shines a spotlight

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More Dessert, Less Food Desert

“Food deserts” are low-income neighborhoods lacking access to healthful, affordable food. Across the U.S. a growing number of people live in food deserts, but a new business out of Seattle is attempting to feel this need. Stockbox Grocers is a miniature market that is tucked inside a reclaimed shipping container and placed into the parking

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Funding For Your Idea?

A reader asked: Where can I get funding for my business idea? The truth is, ideas don’t get funded, businesses do. Budget your savings and sell, sell, sell! Once you’re up and running, then you can think about approaching lenders and other entrepreneurs about additional expansion capital. Photo by roswellsgirl.

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