Family Finds Niche Selling Scrubs

Chicago Tribune: Creating a thriving business in this sour economy is a tall order, but one local man has combined technology and ambition into a business plan that is showing promise after only a matter of months. Combining the convenience of Internet shopping, an ever-expanding medical field and competitive prices, James Bell saw a market

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Niche Biz: Bacon Freak

Love bacon? Then you’ll really love Bacon Freak, reports The Street. actually has roots in the wine business. Founder James “Rocco” Loosbrock also has a subscription service selling wine. After attending many chefs’ dinners where he would be pitched the latest and greatest sophisticated wine, he realized that customers for the most part are

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The Ultimate Wheelchair

Why should wheelchairs stay boring when the people using them have so much personality? That is exactly what Bill Lasher when he created his first sporty wheelchair. In the six years since that first garage tinkering, Lasher has built Lasher Sport, crafting custom wheelchairs and handcycles that can roll on sandy beaches, ski on snowy

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Niche Products: The Kavanjo

Taylor Swift was recently strumming one during a show at EnergySolutions Arena. It is the Kavanjo, a banjo that uses electronic pickups to help the sound carry above the drums and guitar, reports The Salt Lake Tribune. Kavanaugh devised a way to add electronic “pickups” — similar to the magnets in an electric guitar, which

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Biz Idea: Johnny Cupcakes

BusinessWeek: In 2001, Johnny Earle dropped out of music college after just two weeks. On a lark, he made a T-shirt with an image of a cupcake atop a pair of cross bones. The trenchantly iconic design got noticed and people started asking to buy his tees. Earle began selling them out of the trunk

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