Popsicles In Hot Demand

NYDailyNews: It was a business idea that seemed right for the times: taking a legendary dessert treat and making it nutritious. Since forming small but thriving People’s Pops in April, these Brooklyn entrepreneurs have barely kept up with demand. The company makes about 1,200 popsicles a week, up from 300. “Week after week we’ve pushed […]

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Pet Pandas?

The newest pet craze sweeping China involves pet pandas… or are they? Nope, these little bundles of joy are actually just chow chow dogs that have been dyed black-and-white to look like pandas. How soon before this takes off in the west, and will you be at the forefront?

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Made in America Store Logo

The Made in America Store

A new store in the tiny town of Elma, NY has turned the town into a tour bus destination. The store: Made in America, where everything is manufactured in the United States of America. Shop owner Mark Andol climbs aboard a bus and tells the riders that shopping here is a patriotic act. “When you

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Joy In Mudville

Fortune Small Business: Jim Bintliff supplies special mud for Major League Baseball. The story goes back to when pro baseball teams began using new balls for each game. They wanted to remove the factory gloss and make the balls easier to grip. The umpires tried in-field dirt, shoe polish, and tobacco juice, but everything damaged

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Niche Biz: Play Cafe’s

Mom and dad may want to go out for a little adult conversation and coffee, but that does not mean the kids will behave. Traditional coffee shops are not known for being kid friendly, but one entrepreneur has launched a kid-friendly cafe with a place for them to play. Play cafes are places where parents

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Online Jury Trials

eJury is a website that allows an attorney the opportunity to “pre-try” the case before it goes to trial in front of an actual jury at the courthouse. Cases at the courthouse are usually tried to juries of 12 people. At eJury, each case is tried to a minimum of 50 people. This provides the

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Niche Biz: Pencil Sharpening

According to Fast Company, David Rees may well be the world’s first and only artisanal pencil sharpener. Yes, it’s real,” says David Rees of his budding pencil-sharpening business. “It’s as real as artisanal cheese-making or artisanal honey production or artisanal anything else that’s part of this movement.” Unlike his electric counterparts, Rees promises the “care

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Weddings With A View

Springwise: Marriage in the Sky is hosted on a platform, where 20 guests are strapped into aircraft-like seats and suspended at a height of 50 meters. As befits an exclusive venue, Marriage in the Sky can be customised to every couple’s wishes, including spectacular elements like bungee jumping off of the platform after vows have

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