Wall-E Coming Soon

Wired: The Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio is calling for small businesses to build what it calls an Intelligent Robo-Pallet: mechanical platforms that can haul stuff onto its planes autonomously. It’s got to be able to move on its own, lift and stack as cargo masters instruct, possess a

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Bricklayer Of The Future?

If you happen to be on Pike Street In New York’s Chinatown between now and November 14th, you might catch a glimpse of “R-O-B” the bricklaying robot building a 7,000 brick “Infinite Loop” sculpture along a pedestrian island so reports gadget blog Gizmodo. Designed by Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler, the Infinite Loop has been

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Advertisements on the Moon

A new company wants to use robots to carve advertising messages on the surface of the Moon. New Shadow Shaping technology creates images on the moon that can be seen from Earth. Robots are used to create several small ridges in the lunar dust over large areas that capture shadows and shape them to form

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