Have Shovel, Will Travel

Turn snowmageddon into a windfall by starting your own snow-shoveling business. With help from Mike Stevens, owner of the industry newsletter Snowplow News, and Kevin Arroyo, the owner of R and A Cleaning Services in Staten Island, N.Y., WalletPop offers the following advice to get digging: Money talks: Charge what the market will bear. “Be

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The New York Night Owls

Who needs sleep when there are start-ups to launch? Between endless e-mail conversations and talkative co-workers, getting actual work done during the day isn’t always an easy proposition. The New York Times has an interesting article about a group of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and software developers who have come up with a nocturnal solution to that

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Cool Biz: Labels For Kids’ Gear

According to trendspotter Springwise, Oliver’s Labels sells a wide variety of name labels in multiple colourful styles, designs, formats and sizes. As an alternative to including personal information like phone numbers or addresses, however, Oliver’s gives its customers the free option of printing a 9-digit tracking system code on their labels that links them with

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