Growth Of Personal Services

photo credit: kevindooley In the recent recession going on, it’s not surprising that personal services have begun to taper off due to customers doing the tasks themselves more then they use to. These are companies that provide life services for those who don’t have the desire to do the task themself normally. Personal businesses will

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Going Cordless

photo credit: Milica Sekulic Today phone business is booming more then ever in terms of so many different options of systems, features, phones themselves and more. Technology has found a way to make even the phone a high tech device that creates a more simple form of communicating at home or in your office. So

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Twitter Tools

photo credit: miss_rogue Twitter not only helps you connect with millions of people it is a phenomenal research tool. Businesses and organizations collectively pay millions of dollars for case studies, reports, white papers, think tanks, and focus groups in the hopes of obtain business building information on their industry and target market. One of the

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Baby Steps For Entrepreneur

Austin Business Journal: An Austin entrepreneur plans to turn a parent’s struggle to keep up with baby gear into a new Web-based business. Jeff Chambers, the founder of two technology companies, has launched Babyslist. The venture is designed to help parents save money with an online marketplace for parents to swap, buy and sell used

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