Groupon-Like Site For Moms

Everyone has different interests, but mom’s still share many of the same needs. After their day is done, mom’s are ready to relax. Juice in the City has the deal for them. For Sarah Eisner, it started last Mother’s day. Instead of receiving an hour of peace, she started a business with Philippa Smith. Together […]

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Employee Rewards On A Budget

Having trouble finding a way to thank employees for their hard work when your business is having trouble getting by? USA Today has some advice from SBA head, Karen Mills, that may help. Many employees understand the financial constraints that come with running a business during bumpy economic times and appreciate creative efforts to recognize

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Beware Of Bad Investors

You may be ready to do whatever an investor wants if it means they will put money into your business, but don’t act too quickly. Business Insider considers the bad behavior of one investor, and why you should be careful. In my email exchange with the entrepreneur, I asked two questions. The first was “is

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How Influential Are You?

A part of an online presence for any business is maintaining awareness of your own popularity. Are you influencing the people who follow you or does your business need a new look? Business Standard recently reported about a system that a search engine marketing firm has created to help determine Internet influence. Wondering just how

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First Aid For Fashion

Who do you call when your dress begins to slip? Elaine Popove, of course. She is the founder of Miss Fix Fashion Products, which is the home to Fashion-Aid. Her roll-on adhesive helps keep strapless dress from slipping too low, reports Campbell River Mirror. Popove’s Fashion-Aid product is a liquid fashion adhesive designed to secure

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