Weird: Nose Stylus

Dominic Wilcox has found a way to make it easier to do something most people will not admit to: playing on the phone while in the bathroom. Although you may not be willing to admit that you have used the phone while visiting the toilet or taking a bath, he openly admits it and he

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Super Simple E-Commerce

Business Insider: New York-based Goodsie just created a super simple way to set up branded online shops. Goodsie makes setting up stores very similar to setting up WordPress blogs. Users choose from multiple layout options, color pallets, background patterns, and typography without ever having to muck in code. “I have tried at different points in

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Treehouses for Grownups

Many adults yearn for the warm summer days of their youth, when they whiled away the days lazing on a few rough planks, twenty feet up in an old oak in their backyard. Today, because they’re adults and have jobs that pay real money, they don’t have to settle for used lumber: The trend has

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Building A Better Carseat Cover

Jessica Kim’s daughter was born in the middle of a cold Chicago winter. It is that experience which ignited the inspiration that would become her business, Babbaco. That winter Kim did what every parent does, she covered the baby seat using a blanket. Unfortunately that blanket was a little too slippery, sliding off the carrier

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