Japanese Book Scanning Service

Springwise: A vast, densely packed bookcase may still be a status symbol for some, but in small Tokyo apartments it’s simply not practical. Whilst the arrival of the iPad looked set to solve the problem, Yusuke Ohki soon discovered that an iPad without e-books wasn’t much of a solution. Taking matters into his own hands, […]

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The New Way to Publish a Book

Jim Krukal: Randy Cassingham is one of the first online publishers: his This is True column went online in 1994. It’s his full-time gig: over the years, it has brought him several million dollars in income, and he lives on 45 acres in western Colorado, where he looks at gorgeous snow-covered mountains from his home

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Book Store Goes to the Dogs

The Wenatchee World: It was in 1986 when Charlene Woodward saw the need for a retailer in Seattle that catered to customers looking for unusual books. The budding entrepreneur founded Direct Book Service. Little did Woodward know then that her new business would eventually go to the dogs. Woodward soon discovered it was very difficult

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