Daily Short Meetings?

photo credit: Torley In a previous post I wrote about how it may be time to do away with daily or weekly meetings as they can be time consuming where email updates would take less productivity time. In this post I’m going to the other extreme with daily short meeting’s. A recent article was posted […]

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Making Your Message Viral

photo credit: Tim Morgan When contemplating how to get your message out there and to have it stick to the point where people keep passing your message onto family, friends and colleagues, there are a few points to remember on how to make your message go viral. Word Of Mouth Advertising wrote an article on

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Always Keep Pen And Paper Handy

LifeHack: Wouldn’t it be nice if ideas came to you when they were supposed to? You sit down, decide to be creative, and boom: you’re creative. The juices flow, the ideas are endless, and your brilliance just runneth over onto the page. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. For most of us, our creative and inspirational

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Were All Innovators Now

photo credit: Eleventh Earl of Mar Today, many workers are beginning to ask themselves and their employers if now is the time for them to get in the innovation mode of thinking. Many feel they don’t posses this quality. That is not true. Everyone from birth is capable of being an innovator, it’s wether you

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Taking Your Groups’ Pulse

photo credit: Gaetan Lee When working in a group situation it is very important to evaluate the group on their performance, how they are getting along, the tasks they are able to complete and in what time frame they can complete them. Here are a few suggestions on taking the pulse of your group and

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Weekends are for Inspiration

photo credit: eye of einstein While many business people may feel that the weekday are for hard work and new ideas, and the weekends are for rest and play time, you may want to re-consider how they delegate their weekday’s versus weekends. In a recent article, it was suggested that weekends should be used for

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What Kind Of Genius Are You?

WIRED: In the fall of 1972, when David Galenson was a senior economics major at Harvard, he took what he describes as a “gut” course in 17th-century Dutch art. On the first day of class, the professor displayed a stunning image of a Renaissance Madonna and child. “Pablo Picasso did this copy of a Raphael

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