Solar Cell Paint In The Spotlight

Earthtechling: The technology was commercialized in 1994 by Dyesol, an Australian solar company that sells various DSC products and supplies internationally. Each DSC, covered in titania (a white pigment) and ruthenium dye, is a tiny electrolyte that mimics the natural process of photosynthesis. When exposed to sunlight, the ruthenium dye creates electrons that are absorbed

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The Recycle Bicycle

WSAV: It’s a cardboard bike that costs $15 and doesn’t get soggy in the rain. By folding over sheets to double their strength, the inventor says the bicycle is durable, waterproof and costs very little to produce. Everything apart from the brakes and chain is cardboard–including the seat. It is covered with a waterproof resin

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Video: Money In Recycling

Democrat and Chronicle: When Zachary Romano graduated from the College at Brockport two years ago he was looking for something he could really enjoy. Romano’s company deals in pennies, nickles and thousands of discarded cans and plastic bottles customers drop off by the bag-full or truck-full at a Fairport store for redemption of the state’s

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