Need Affordable Patent Help?

Minneapolis has launched a unique service that helps connect inventors with lawyers who will work on their case pro bono. Each participant needs to attend a training program on intellectual property and is required to do a patent search to see if their ideas are new. Inventors also will have to file a provisional application

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Big Ideas Do Pay Off

Evan Savar has been inventing for as long as he can remember. At the age of 21, he has already found some success with a trophy picture stand, a talking gift wrap bow and a silicone flat-screen TV effect, reports Las Vegas Review-Journal. Inventions, he said, just come to him. Take his latest one —

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What’s Your Quirky Idea?

We have often mentioned Quirky inventions, like the Mantis keyboard light and the Broom Groomer that removes dust from broom bristles, in the past. However, what about the man behind the website that helped bring these unique creations to light? That would be Ben Kaufman. Entrepreneur has the story on how he created a place

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Step Forward In Water Filtration

Pat Farrelly is currently in the process of patenting a unique water filtration system that he believes will revolutionize water filtering for commercial and humanitarian purposes. His invention, Aqua-Nu, took five years to develop in his own kitchen. Farrelly said that Aqua-Nu had multiple applications, from filtering water for individual houses and group schemes to

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