All-In-One Less Lethal Weapon

Wired: Joel Braun came up with a less-lethal mashup that stuns, shoots, blinds and sprays its targets. Braun’s system, described in a patent approved last month by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, is called the “Non-Lethal Weapon Mount With Modular Weapon Components.” It combines four of the most common less-lethal weapons technologies: stun guns,

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Entrepreneur Makes Sleep Pay

BusinessWeek: The result is the SleepTracker, a watch-like monitor and alarm that users wear on their wrists to record their sleep patterns and awaken them at an optimal time within the window they have chosen. The alarm goes off when the lightest sleep stage is reached during that window, reducing early morning grogginess. The monitor

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World’s First Mobile Phone?

People have been trying to create a portable phone since Alexander Graham Bell first attempts. So, just how early on did someone finally succeed? According to The Daily Mail Online, W W McFarlane’s creation in the 1920’s was one of the earliest in portable phones. The device, invented by Philadelpia experimenter W W McFarlane required

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Inventors Gone Mad

The Augusta Chronicle: Mad Scientists features amateur inventors, weekend scientists and eccentric engineers who make outrageous “toys” out of everyday products, according to a news release. During the show, host John Bowler challenges them to improve their original invention within 48 hours. Krug, the owner of Krug Technologies LLC by day, said he’s always out

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Older Inventors More Successful

AARP: At press time, about 60 percent of The United Inventors Association of America members were 50 or older, estimates executive director Mark Reyland, and overall membership had grown 243 percent in a little over a year. “Older adults have more experience, plus the insight and persistence to get a product to market,” says Jeffrey

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