Safer Halloween Masks

Luis Rodriguez may be on to something with his idea of taking window perforated vinyl (like the stuff they put on buses where when you look at the bus you see an advertisement, but if you are on the bus you see nothing) and making a facial mask out it. You wouldn’t need holes for […]

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Her Own Biz, At Just 11 Years Old

Micro businesses are everywhere. They are run by people of all ages, educations, talents and passions. The New England Cable News Network highlights an amazing story in Massachusetts of a unique and successful micro business, but with an intriguing sole proprietor. McKenzie Plante, an 11-year old girl in the seaport town or Gloucester, Massachusetts, has

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Cool Biz: Labels For Kids’ Gear

According to trendspotter Springwise, Oliver’s Labels sells a wide variety of name labels in multiple colourful styles, designs, formats and sizes. As an alternative to including personal information like phone numbers or addresses, however, Oliver’s gives its customers the free option of printing a 9-digit tracking system code on their labels that links them with

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