Huffington Post: MovieWedge was developed after a plane ride where I wanted to watch some movies I had saved on my iPhone to pass the time. After holding my phone for about 30 minutes I began to get tired. I tried stacking it up on magazines, soda cans, crumpled up paper, you name it! I

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The Cost of Information Overload

Website Magazine: Feeling data-stressed? Got some info-tension? You’re not alone. Recently a conference was organized by Basex to discuss, what else, information overload. Some interesting facts and ideas come from the conference: – The cost of Information Overload to the U.S. economy is $900 billion annually, as of 2008. – A mere 12% of the

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Tracking Social Media Activity

photo credit: jurvetson With all of the information that people post to the Internet very publicly these days, you can paint almost a perfect picture of their lifestyle, their world, likes and dislikes as long as you track their activity and actually put the information into your database. No matter what approach you employ for

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Must Have Social Media Tools

  photo credit: geishaboy500 While today yes there are so many different web tools to choose from and you don’t need every single one, there are also many that a business definitely can benefit from and should have for their business. Below are a select few of the web tools for social media that I

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