Simple Steps Towards Good PR

  photo credit: visualpanic We often think of obtaining good PR as being difficult in business, with so many different avenues to take and choices to make. Below are some simple steps towards obtaining good PR that are sure to work for everyone in business. Obviously the first step is making sure you are aware […]

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Steps To Social Media

photo credit: ndanger So social media (Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, for example) is fun; but is it business? If you’re wondering, then it’s about time to take a step back, breathe deeply, and revisit the fundamentals. While many social media applications are fun and handy for just about everything, not all of them fit for

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Hollywood’s Scrap Men

Fortune Small Business: How often have you dropped $10 per ticket and $12 for snacks to see an over-hyped dud at the metroplex? “We could have stayed home and watched a bad movie,” you say. You should talk to the Kugler brothers. They flip Hollywood’s detritus to discount retailers, hoping you’ll make an impulse buy

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Obtaining Media Coverage

photo credit: lman We all know that a great way to attract business and also to advertise your business effectively is in media coverage. BusinessCast Podcast recently did an article on obtaining media coverage and what you need to know about it. Make sure you define your targets exact. It doesn’t do you any good

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