Video: Better Direct Mail

If you’ve ever thought about spending money on direct mail marketing, you’ve probably wondered why some direct mail gets tossed immediately into the garbage. Pitney Bowes has an informative and entertaining video that shows why some mail gets opened, while others don’t.

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Biz Resource: VCR Hack

Editor’s note: Okay, it’s April 1st. Here’s a great prank you can pull on anyone who uses a desktop computer. Place a small Post-It note on the bottom of the mouse covering the rollerball. When your victim tries to use their computer they will think the mouse is broken. I played this on a co-worker

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TV: The Entrepreneurs

CNBC will premiere an all-new The Entrepreneurs, hosted by Donny Deutsch this Thursday (April 2, 2009) at 9P ET and 10P PT. Celebrity chef Rick Bayless discusses how a love for Mexican food and a brilliant business plan helped create Frontera Foods‘ multi-million dollar empire. Also see how Toms Shoes became profitable giving away a

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Can Your Camcorder Make You Rich? Make-up artist Lauren Luke, or panacea81 as she is known on YouTube, is benefiting from exposure on the site. The 26-year-old from South Tyneside uploads tutorials about how to put on make-up and achieve certain celebrity looks. While describing the money she has made from YouTube as helpful, she adds: “I’ve been taken on

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Monetizing YouTube Videos

Killer Startups: One of the questions on everybody’s lips right now is how to monetize online videos in a way that is not detrimental to the quality of the video itself, and which actually spices the interest of the viewer. There is not an easy way to solve this dilemma. The team behind TadCast believes

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