Rent a Country Overnight

Want to do something different this summer? Have an extra $70k burning a whole in your pocket? Why not rent an entire country? For a night. The Principality of Liechtenstein rents for $70,000 per night. Bargain hunters can rent a German or a Swiss village for a mere $50,000 a night. Country, city and village

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Clips Keep Pregnancy Pants Up

While pregnant with her first child, Annie Tandy had trouble keeping her jeans from sliding down while wearing her maternity band. As an engineer by trade, she knew there had to be a simple solution. So, she created one. That solution became Pocket Dots, reports Western Springs Patch. Getting an idea from the drawing board

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Success From The Ground Up

The next time you need a little inspiration to help you get through a rough patch with your business, consider the success stories of entrepreneurs that began with nearly nothing. San Francisco Chronicle shares a couple of the most popular business stories available today. Henry Ford He started Ford Motor Company with just $28,000 –

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Mom’s Biz Gets Kids Cooking

Parents are always looking for fun, safe activities for their kids. What could be more fun than cooking? According to Pennington Post, Chris Toto had trouble keeping the doors of her business open a short while back. Although her physical shop at to shut down, she opened up her virtual doors under a new name:

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