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Get Ahead with Old School Marketing

At a time when everyone is rushing toward technology in marketing, this might be the perfect moment to look backward a little. So give some old school marketing techniques a try, and watch the game become a little more interesting.
Facebook audience insights - featured image

Ultimate Hack for Using Facebook Audience Insights

Using Facebook Marketplace for your business is all about getting the maximum benefits from that platform. In this article, we show you how to use Facebook Audience Insights to promote your online store.
your apartment

Need Extra Cash? How to Make Money from Your Apartment

Sometimes you work from your apartment, and sometimes your apartment works for you. Let’s take a look at effective ways you can maximize your apartment’s money-making potential.
content marketing

Digital Marketing Agency Tips for a Content Marketing Campaign

Content is king, so give your content the royal treatment it deserves. Use these tips from a digital marketing agency to jump start your marketing campaign. You’ll never know how effective a strategy can be if you haven’t at least tried it.
massage therapy business

How to Start Your Own Massage Therapy Business

If you have an independent spirit, prefer taking control over following behind, and have the commitment to push through difficult times, you could be a great candidate to start your own massage therapy business. What's more, we’re here to provide you with tips on how to turn your dream into a reality in seven simple steps.
wordpress and e-commerce

WordPress and E-Commerce: Are They Truly a Fit?

WordPress was first released 15 years ago as a free and open-source content management platform. At the time, it was targeted mainly to bloggers. These days, though, it is almost perfect for every kind of website. However, do WordPress and e-commerce work well together? Let's take a look and find out.
pamper clients

How to Pamper Clients When They’re Visiting Your Business Office

Keep in mind that what clients see first as they walk through the doors of your business could mean that they choose to trust your business and invest money with you. Or it could motivate them to look elsewhere. Managers and business owners must remember that how their employees communicate with and treat clients is critically important. Here are seven ways to pamper clients when they’re visiting your business office.
Roman Avdeev

The Life of Roman Avdeev, Russian Billionaire and Father of 23 Children

Together with his third wife, Roman Avdeev fosters 23 children, 19 of whom are adopted. Avdeev is one of only two famous billionaires on the planet with so many children. Only 93-year old Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi, a banker from Saudi Arabia, has as many children as Roman Avdeev. Read more about the fascinating life of this Russian billionaire here.
print magazine

4 Tips for Launching a Successful Print Magazine in the Digital Age

In an age when digital content is omnipresent, there’s actually tremendous value in print publications. Not only does print cut through the noise, but it also commands a certain level of value that its online counterparts cannot. If you’re interested in launching a print magazine, read on to discover what it looks like to be successful in the midst of the digital age.
video script

How to Prepare a Video Script for Promoting Your Small Business

When it comes to marketing your small business, there are several types of outreach. For instance, there's face-to-face contact. Or you could turn to social media. Alternatively, you could print flyers or place ads in newspapers or magazines. Additionally, you might create a podcast. Even more powerfully, you could create a video, based on a video script that you prepare.
international market

Tips for Marketing Digitally in an International Market

Taking advantage of new international markets is the logical step for any business out there. And now the possibilities are endless thanks to the power of the Internet. As with any business venture, knowing your audience is the first step in establishing a connection. Establish enough connections, and you will soon see your sales grow on a global level. You will have truly entered the international market.
online business

Stick to the Tried and True to Market Your Online Business

The ways to market an online business have changed dramatically over the last decade or so. In the past, all you needed were website and a few business cards to get your name out there. Now, there is so much more to marketing. As a matter of fact, marketing can really make or break an online business. If you don’t get the marketing right, you’ll soon find yourself left behind.

What You Should Know About a Performance Bond

The construction industry is a resource-intensive industry where a lot of money is at stake. Hence, it becomes necessary to secure contracts for guaranteeing their successful completion. Additionally, construction companies need to ensure satisfactory work quality. This is where a performance bond steps in. A performance bond is a surety bond which is issued to contractors or subcontractors by an insurance company (or sometimes a bank). It is a guarantee that the contractor will complete the job in a satisfactory manner.
health and fitness

Run with These 5 Viable Ideas for a Health and Fitness Startup

According to a recent survey from MyProtein, millennials prioritize health and fitness spending over education. That is, they spend £80,000 over a lifetime for health and fitness, compared to £30,000 for an average undergrad degree. So if you’re a gym genius with nutrition knowledge, you can turn your pastime into a new career. But you’ll have to plan ahead before monetizing your vision. Here are five viable ideas for a health and fitness startup.

Tips to Help You with Growing Your Startup in 2018

If 2017 saw you finally launch the startup of your dreams, you have probably spent recent months working on fine-tuning your processes, getting as many customers as possible, and sorting out your finances. However, it’s important to think about ways to keep growing your venture, so you can start to achieve your goals ASAP. To help you do this, read on for tips you can follow today and over the year.

Top Tips to Help Your Clients Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

As a wedding planner you know that choosing the perfect wedding dress is at the top of every bride's to-do list. A wedding is an incredibly exciting time for your clients. But it’s also a time of great stress, considering there are so many choices to make. Your clients want to make sure the food they serve fits everyone’s dietary needs. They want to be sure that the personalized wedding glassware is elegant and tasteful. But the bride's search for the perfect wedding dress is perhaps the most stressful search of all. That's why we’ve put together this guide to help each of your clients find a gorgeous gown that's right for her.

Is There Still a Place for a Phone on Your Office Desk?

Over the years, there have been many technological advances in the field of communications. It’s now common for businesses to rely almost exclusively on social media, email and instant messaging applications to communicate both internally and externally. Does this mean it’s time to say goodbye to the good old telephone? Not by a long shot. The phone still reigns supreme over other more modern forms of communication.
Coworkers Strategizing

The Benefits to Your Business of Doing Things in House

One of the things you hear all the time is that this is a “gig economy.” What this means is that there are many people who freelance, refusing to limit their skills to one employer, instead hiring themselves out on a per-job basis. This means that business owners often need to hire these freelancers to do some work for them, outsourcing work that can’t be performed in house. Yet there are disadvantages in relying on freelancers to perform tasks that might be ably handled by actual employees of the business. This is especially true if you fail to hire the in-house manpower and provide resources to tackle some of these tasks.

How to Get Tax Breaks Before You Even Start Your Own Business

Many people who are starting up their own business know about the tax breaks they can take advantage of once the business is up and running. But it’s possible that these same entrepreneurs aren’t aware that there are tax deductions that are specific to the startup phases of a business. Tax laws are sympathetic to beginning businesses. That's because they see certain expenditures during this time as investments for the future.

Top 3 Ways to Make Money with Guest Blogging

It’s no secret that the internet is becoming a breeding ground for new entrepreneurs. While there are lots of ways to make money online, one of the most popular in 2017 is guest blogging. Let’s take a moment to discuss 3 ways you can turn guest blogging into a steady stream of income.