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Stripe Payment

Stripe Payment System: A Detailed Review

The Stripe Payment system is a safe and secure payment processing method that requires very little security and is free from any additional fees. It is ideal for small, medium, and large business owners who accept credit card payments on their websites or online stores.

The Doctor Who Only Charges $5

It’s not Fiverr, but there’s a Indiana doctor who still charges $5 per visit. Stepping into the office of Dr. Russell Dohner feels...
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What Are the Different Kinds of Credit Card Machines?

There are a number of different kinds of credit card machines that accept various payment types. The most basic credit card machines accept swipe cards, an older technology that is less secure. There are also chip cards and NFC machines. Which types are right for your business?
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How to Choose the Best Lawyer for You

It’s often we hear the phrase, "my lawyer." However, this is generally true when an individual only needs one type of lawyer. The fact is, you might need several different lawyers throughout your life. Here we look at how to choose the best lawyer for you in your current situation.
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Payment Methods That Will Increase Your Sales

When you are trying to grow your business you want to make it easy for customers to pay for your goods and services. So set your business up to accept multiple payment methods. This way, every customer will be able to choose to pay you using the method each most prefers.
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Are You Considering a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim can refer to any lawsuit involving personal injury. Learn which types of personal injuries are the most frequent and how you can get compensation by way of a personal injury claim.
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Get a Killer Ecommerce Site with BigCommerce and WordPress

Starting a new ecommerce business is exciting. However, it's difficult to know the best way to set up your online shop. Here are our recommendations for making a killer ecommerce site that sets your business up for success.

9 Fees You Should Never Pay Your Merchant Services Provider

Deciding which payment methods to accept for your business can be a tough choice. Once you do, it is imperative you pick a reputable processor that does not charge outrageous fees. Here are some things to look out for on your statement to make sure your provider is legit.

Dairy Queen Franchise Cost and Information

The DQ brand is the worldwide treat leader, and it only gets better when you combine it with the Orange Julius brand, the first name in pure refreshment and a consumer favorite for over 80 years.

Anytime Fitness Franchise Cost and Details

Anytime Fitness is consistently ranked as one of the best franchise opportunities available. But how much would it cost you to buy one?

Today in Entrepreneurial History: June 18

On this day in 1923 the first Checker Taxi hit the streets. The Checker Taxi is the most famous taxi in the United...

Spanning the Skies between Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale

After starting a lucrative job with my new college degree, my dad decided to move from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale. He had lived...

Little Known Benefits of Health Insurance

Accidents, injuries and illnesses occur all the while, so much so that we all know at least one person from our extended families who’s...

Today in Entrepreneurial History: March 30

1842 – Ether anesthesia is used for the first time, in an operation by the American surgeon Dr. Crawford Long. 1867 – Alaska is purchased...

Reader’s Mailbag

Tina sent us an email wanting to know if drop shipping really works. So I checked in with James Maguire over at Ecommerce-Guide. Maguire...

Increasing Your Cash Flow

photo credit: AMagill Obviously in business we all strive to make as much profit as we can, that's one of the biggest reason's why...