Before Disneyland, Tourists Flocked to See Ostriches

Way before Disneyland, an ostrich farm in Pasadena was a huge tourist attraction. Edwin Cawston courted the early-20th-century public’s fascination with exotic foreign creatures when he began raising ostriches, for more than the use of their feathers in the clothing industry. When Cawston brought the enormous, flightless, African birds onto prime real estate in the […]

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Biz Idea: Chicken Diapers?

Ruth Haldeman moved to rural Hot Springs, Ark., in 2002 and promptly took in a couple of orphan chicks. She soon discovered chickens poop–a lot. According to, in the interest of keeping her house relatively clean, Haldeman broke out her sewing machine and designed a roomy cloth diaper with a disposable liner. As time

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Physical Therapy For Pets

If you thought it was difficult administering physical therapy to a human, you should try getting an animal to do the necessary exercises. Woodstock Independent has a story about one woman who is helping animals get back into shape. Mary Kay Dobbeck, a physical therapist who has been working at the Woodstock Veterinary Clinic for

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A Hotel for Chickens

This has to be a joke: It’s a hotel — but with a major difference. Instead of booking in guests in human form, Cornwall’s newest hotel only takes chickens. The aptly-named Chicken Hotel recently opened for business at Boskenwyn, Helston. The venture was set up to give chicken owners a place to check-in their birds

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