Ideas: Free Of Charge

Cork News: A local amateur inventor with scores of ideas, concepts and inventions is giving them all away in the hope that they might provide viable commercial opportunities for entrepreneurs. Bill’s self-published book, Fly-Flaps & Other Inventions, contains descriptions and explanations for some 200 of his ideas, some of them humorous and tongue-in-cheek, and others

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How The Guy Who Did Not Invented Email Received The Credit

Techdirt: Late last week, the Washington Post reported that The Smithsonian had acquired “tapes, documentation, copyrights, and over 50,000 lines of code from V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, who both the Smithsonian and the Washington Post insisted was the “inventor of e-mail.” There’s just one problem with this: It’s not actually true. … As is nicely summarized

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Late Night Innovation

What happens when you can’t sleep? For Dennis Linton, that is the perfect time to invent. According to North Harbour News, it is during that time when he comes up with most of his innovations. That’s what led to him designing new types of hydraulic jacks which helped save the life of a man in

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