How To Mobilize Your Network

photo credit: William Hook Even though social media is becoming more and more relevant everywhere you look today, many business owners still feel it is important to put a face with a name whether you put a profile picture on your website or still manage to meet your clients and customers in person. People still

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Mobile Restaurant Biz Big

photo credit: ljcybergal Bangor Daily News: Everything changed one morning during a conference call Mark took while waiting for a flight out of Portland, Ore. He and four others were laid off. A year after losing his suit-and-tie job with its first-class airline seats and clients all over the country, Mark spends most days over

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Bicycle Repair Shops On Wheels

Springwise: With cycling gaining ground as a regular mode of transportation, flat tires and broken chains are on the up, too. Which creates an opportunity for bike-loving entrepreneurs: mobile bike repair shops. In the Netherlands, for example, we’ve spotted companies like Fix Fiets and Bikemobiel, both of which do house calls in vans or trucks

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Lyn Nielsen of web development company Desktop Solutions sent me these great tips in how and why to consider making your web site “mobile friendly” so that it more easily displays on web sites of cell phone browsers and I’d thought to share them with you. – Review your competition. – Think about how

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The Use Of Mobile Marketing

photo credit: Nico Kaiser In our world of rapid growing technology and the fact that a large number of business owners do business outside of their office on all sorts of devices, I feel the need to post an article regarding mobile marketing and it’s benefits. We all know that marketing in general is important

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New Googles Voice Feature

photo credit: marcopako  In business big or small we can always use as many helpful features and tools to run thing’s smoother that we can find. One of googles new features that is excellent for business owners of any kind is their google voice feature. Recently talked about on FastCompany, google voice is showing

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