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< p style=”text-align: center;”> As senior merchandiser for the e-commerce site, Ty Liotta, is responsible for discovering and creating such must-haves for geeks as a T-shirt that sniffs out Wi-Fi hotspots and the Tauntaun sleeping bag, modeled after the animal carcass that saved Luke Skywalker from certain death on the frozen planet of Hoth,

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Inventors, Pick Your Industry

BusinessWeek: Nothing beats “mailbox money” when it comes to boosting your bottom line. That’s when you license an idea, innovation, or invention to another company in return for a royalty payment. Each quarter, magically, a royalty check shows up in your mailbox with a gross margin of 100%. There has never been a better time

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Sales Karma

You might be able to sell snow to eskimos, but why? Put your sales skills to good use and actually sell something to someone that actually needs it, says Lishen Nair. > Salesmen of the right calibre were and still are able to generate strong sales. But their job in the 21st century is also

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How to Sell Baseball Bats

Selling bats to MLB players isn’t like working in a sporting good store: Like a fashion designer who gives Oscar-bound starlets free gowns, a bat salesman hands out free wares, eating the $70-to-$120 cost of a high-quality bat. (After the free trial, if the player orders a bat, they’re paid for by the ballclub). But

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