SEO was the big thing back in the day, but social media has taken the spotlight as a serious marketing tool for most brands today. While search is still a major entry venue for most businesses seeking visitors to their sites, social media offers bona fide customer engagement. There are reasons why lots of brands are ramping up their efforts to become more active on social media, and we plan to get into a few of the major ones right now.
You're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You post regularly to keep your followers aware of your company, your brand, and your products. You make sure your posts are informative without overselling. You respond to customer feedback, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Some might say you're well versed when it comes to the nuances of social media. However, have you ever considered that while you have a great relationship with your social media followers, you're missing the chance to build great relationships with your team?
You’re a social media mogul, at least in practice. You're talking to fans on Facebook, making the rounds on LinkedIn and creating board after board on Pinterest. There’s no question you're taking advantage of social media, but are you using it to your advantage?
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Are you aware that Instagram recently introduced an amazing update that gives you the chance to record or post 60-second videos? This is a drastic increase from its former 15-second videos. In addition, this forward thinking social network is bringing in unique video capabilities like video view counts and slow-motion potentiality, to stage. Instagram has portrayed remarkable growth over the past few years, and this has greatly improved the video content for many brands.
Your great ideas and passion are only half the battle in running a successful business. The ability to provide adequate start-up capital is not always the only key to success either. In fact, even with large sums of cash injected into a new venture, a huge number of new startups will still fail within their first year. Why is that? Often times it from failure to plan a procedure and budget for proper advertising.
Why would so many business people spend so much time on Twitter if there weren't a way to make money with it? Turns out that there are at least five ways to profit from Twitter.
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We small business owners have to plan our marketing tactics effectively. However, we also need to remain flexible to adapt to new trends, taking cues from customers and responding appropriately. Here are six marketing tactics that have become indispensable to the marketer's toolkit.