Sales Karma

You might be able to sell snow to eskimos, but why? Put your sales skills to good use and actually sell something to someone that actually needs it, says Lishen Nair. > Salesmen of the right calibre were and still are able to generate strong sales. But their job in the 21st century is also […]

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Fight The Fear of Selling

Direct selling can seem like a dirty word to a business that is afraid to reach out for their customers. However, sometimes that is exactly what you must do. The Globe And Mail recently considered a dillemma that The Network Hub had to face when it decided it wanted to expand. Are you afraid to

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Finding A Sales Rep

Yesterday I mentioned Janie McQueen,a woman who had trouble selling baby apparel made by her mom. As soon as she found a sales rep, her business became a success. But how do you find a sales rep? The Wall Street Journal takes a look at how people like Janie find reps, and what they look

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Make More Sales at a Party

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography The IdeaLady thinks that many businesses could sell more by starting a party plan. The businesses that stand to gain most from this type of direct sales program are those selling products that can be effectively demonstrated in a sort-of-social setting. Jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, kitchen gadgets, home accessories, children’s toys,

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Avoid Selling Your Soul

photo credit: h.koppdelaney When we think of selling a product or service, sometimes it almost seems as though we have to damn near sell our own soul in order to make a sale. This does not have to be the case! Here are some selling tips for you that should make your sale going smoother

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Do You Know What Relationship Marketing Is?

photo credit: mark sebastian According to Wikipedia, and Len Barry who coined the term, “relationship marketing is a form of marketing which emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on point-of-sale transactions.” Contrary to the title “relationship marketing” is not about the relationships themselves, it is about the marketing. The relationship part

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