Doomsday Entrepreneurs

Terror attacks, civil unrest, dirty bombs, earthquakes, 2012. Cue the entrepreneurs. Come-ons for doomsday products, from survival classes to earthquake kits, abound on the Internet. Demand is fueled by natural disasters, terrorist activity and websites dedicated to exploring such topics as what will happen Dec. 21, 2012, the last day of the ancient Maya calendar

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South African Women In Business

In the United States, we hear a lot about the emergence of women in business. Although we sometimes argue that there is a glass ceiling to overcome, many of us are still finding success. South African women entrepreneurs feel differently. According to Business Report, many women feel that they are simply not receiving any benefits

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One Spark Of An Idea

Every so often an idea comes along that stops you in your tracks. sOccket is an incredible demonstration of the power of a simple idea, of the collision between science and sport, of the application of minds to mending hearts. One part soccer ball, one part portable energy generator, another community builder and finally one

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I Started A Biz In Paradise!

According to CNNMoney, Tyler Marsh grew up surfing in Hawaii, so he’s used to living in what many consider an ideal vacation spot. But after visiting his older brother, Tim, who was living in Costa Rica in 1997, he found his paradise: “It was just someplace that was a little foreign and really open,” Tyler

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Swedish Entrepreneurs Get Access To Untapped Patents

Patents are at the heart of countless technologies, and that can make life difficult for smaller startups, which are less likely than big companies to be patent-holders themselves. Trendspotter Springwise reports aiming to create opportunity, innovation and new businesses in southern Sweden, the Mobile Heights Business Center is a partnership between local industry, academia and

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Scholar Promotes ‘Microfranchises’ In Emerging Economies

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that during his travels in Africa exploring the impact of microlending on business start-ups, Jason Fairbourne noticed something strange. When an entrepreneur became successful selling a particular product, say tomatoes, many others would mimic that person’s business. Soon the local market was flooded with tomatoes, and failed tomato vendors. Out

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U.S. Slipping In Entrepreneurship

According to, the U.S. is no longer tops in the world for entrepreneurship — and large companies are partly to blame, concludes a new Small Business Administration study. The report — titled “Global Entrepreneurship and the United States” — compares U.S. entrepreneurship and performance against 70 other countries. It found that large companies account

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