Identifying A Good Biz Idea

There are several ways of finding business ideas. According to James Abola over at the Daily Monitor, his favorite source of business ideas is to start a business that addresses the frustrations of the customers. If you notice that so many people are getting frustrated by something then you could be on to a great

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Four Wheels And Style To Burn

Entrepreneur reports that a new fleet of entrepreneurs are creating their own spin on the food-truck model some with seriously cool mobile retail. On weekends, one of the hippest places to shop in SoHo In New York sits at the corner of Broadway and Prince, with street artists to the west, trendy stores all around

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Cool Logos With Hidden Symbols

Did you know that some companies have symbols hidden inside their logos? Goodwill Goodwill’s logo is a stylized letter “g” that doubles as a smiling face. FedEx Negative space between the letters “E” and “X” creates an arrow. LG Some people believe that Pac-Man is hidden inside the LG logo. Amazon Logo features an arrow

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Niche: Metal Art

Many homes may decorate with a painting or a small statue. However, how many people can say they own a piece of metal art? Vladimir Gendelman is aware his product reaches a niche group of people. However, it seems his niche is growing. Although he once feared people would not purchase the cute scrap metal

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