Direct Sales

Lobster, Crate To Plate

The Boston Globe reports that this week fishermen are getting $5 a pound for lobsters. Maine retailers double the price; the farther you go from the source, the higher the price. The discrepancy is dramatic enough for Dan Cosby and Amber Heffner to reinvent their livelihood. They just launched Crate to Plate, modeled after Community

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Four Wheels And Style To Burn

Entrepreneur reports that a new fleet of entrepreneurs are creating their own spin on the food-truck model some with seriously cool mobile retail. On weekends, one of the hippest places to shop in SoHo In New York sits at the corner of Broadway and Prince, with street artists to the west, trendy stores all around

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Wine Tastings At Home

If you love wine then there is a good chance that you’ll love Wine Shop At Home, a direct sales company that specializes in a variety of wines and wine tastings. Elizabeth Moore loves good wine and often found herself hosting a wine tasting or being the guest of one. With a little urging from

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The Good In Direct Selling

Dina Amico-Kriescher understands that it is difficult to manage a career while raising a family. It was that understanding that lead her to launch her own business. As that business grew, she saw yet another opportunity: direct sales. However, she wasn’t joining another company. She decided to offer women a chance to join on with

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