Niche Biz: EcoVino

EcoVino has discovered a unique niche by combining a love of wine with the the growing green trend. From the vine to your glass, they use an eco-friendly, organic process to maintain quality and minimize the impact on the planet. They have even tossed out the traditional bottle for a more compact easy-to-carry pouch. The

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Chemo-Friendly Silverware

People taking chemo often suffer from a metallic aftertaste while eating. So, Don Ladanyi developed an organic flatware option that won’t leave behind that metallic taste. “Don’s taste-inert flatware is a cool idea because it solves a very basic problem — that is, how to neutralize the unpleasant taste caused by standard flatware when your

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Niche Biz: Custom Soda

According to, uFlavor has one basic goal: to become the YouTube of the soda industry. Customers will be able to choose the ingredients for custom-made concoctions and design their own labels, then uFlavor will make and sell the drink—to its creators and the general public, who’ll be asked to rate the finished product. Some

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Lasagna is Hot!

Cassandra Daily: Garfield’s favorite dish has been the subject of a revival as of late, with culinary innovators offering up everything from lasagna cupcakes to restaurants specializing in the layered noodle casserole to healthy seasonal takes on the classic comfort food. Photo by Rev. Santino.

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Niche Biz: Alcoholic Cider

It may not be as large as the beer market in the US, but there is still some money to be made. Just ask Jake Schiffer, the founder of Leprechaun Cider Company, reports San Antonio Express-News Leprechaun Golden Cider hit the Houston market in March, but only on draft. In mid-September, 22-ounce bottles of the

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An American Taco Truck in Paris

NY Times: An artisanal taco truck has come to Paris. The Cantine California started parking here in April, the latest in a recent American culinary invasion that includes chefs at top restaurants; trendy menu items like cheesecake, bagels and bloody Marys; and notions like chalking the names of farmers on the walls of restaurants. Its

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Waste Not

I never realized how much food Americans waste until I worked in a restaurant. And my mom worried about me eating the last 3 green beans on my plate. According to California Watch, millions of produce in the U.S. rot or are plowed over, restaurants dump tens of thousands of tons of edible food every

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100-Proof Turkey

Being trapped at the dinner table for Thanksgiving dinner with the relatives can be enough to drive anyone to the liquor cabinet, but there’s no need for the “Two Buck Chuck” or even a flask this year, so says Brand X. That’s because the nation’s first 100-proof vodka-infused turkey has arrived, and just in time,

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