Habits Of A Successful CEO

photo credit: pasotraspaso In the past we’ve talked about all kinds of management tools and leadership qualities, but this time, we’re going to cut right to the chase. You won’t find these five tips anywhere else, since you’re the first ones to read them. Moreover, these are indeed CEO best practices that I’ve observed in

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Things Not To Do As A Manager

photo credit: wili_hybrid When you’re in a management position, especially if you’re new to that position, you often want to be so helpful and in tune with the rest of your team that you can actually make a few mistakes that end up pushing your team away from you or become counter productive. Below are

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What Makes A Good Manager?

photo credit: Stéfan I’ve never been much of a manager myself. That’s no big deal, of course; lots of people aren’t managers. In my case, though, people expected me to be, because I’ve had a lifetime of successful entrepreneurship. But entrepreneurship and management are different things. Stated on I recently read over Tim Berry’s

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Rumors On Layoffs

photo credit: Don Fulano In today’s business world it is no surprise that there are rumors going around in every company. Rumors of downsizing, cuts in pay and nasty rumors on layoffs. These rumors if not dealt with appropriately can become quite a bothersome act for all employees and end up causing large amounts of

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Meeting Employees Personal Needs

photo credit: Torley For most small businesses, the owner is the key person in the leadership role. Some owners and managers of businesses are convinced that it is only the money that creates passionate performance, productivity, and connectedness in employees. I’ve heard it many times in one form or another: “They are well paid; I

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