Student Makes Money With Stories

Mississippi State University: Overbey combines a passion for storytelling with an interest in video games and online community to create an entertainment niche that pays for his MBA. His YouTube channel has more than 65,000 subscribers and more than 6 million combined viewers of his productions. In 2011, his video-based income exceeded $40,000. However, money

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Agent to the Youtube Stars

Telegraph: Such are the realities of fame in today’s interconnected world. Never, in the history of show-business, have so many become known so fast for doing so little. If you have a phone with a video camera (which pretty much all do these days) and access to the internet, then you have the tools you

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Kid Gets T-Shirt Line

Do you remember YouTube video starring 3 year old Gavin Justice-Farmer? Gavin’s mom video taped his reaction to the news that Michael Young, his favorite Texas Ranger, may be leaving the team, and it went viral. According to NBC DFW, the video has been such a big hit that the mom has now created a

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Christmas Freak Out Pays Off

Sometimes it pays to freak out. An Ohio boy’s over-the-top reaction after receiving a Wii game system for Christmas three years ago has turned into a tidy little side business says the Hamilton Journal News. Since the boy’s father posted the reaction video on YouTube three years ago, he’s made almost $5000 in royalties. The

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Haul Videos

According to ABC-TV News a new phenomenon called “haul videos” means teens can show off their purchases to the whole world. There are more than 110,000 haul videos currently on YouTube, and some videos are racking up tens of millions of views. Hauls are short product review videos. The “vlogger,” or video blogger, shows off

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Here’s some eye candy that has nothing to do with politics. It just shows awesome people doing awesome stuff. Whoever wins the elections will mean nothing to these folks.

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