A Modern Day Gold Rush

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that fear of financial collapse has enhanced gold’s glitter, with prices soaring more than 300 percent the past decade, including 30 percent just in the last 12 months. And just as strong U.S. real estate prices a few years ago created a burgeoning ecosystem of entrepreneurs exploiting that bubble, gold’s surge has […]

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Ready To Make That Deal?

photo credit: Aidan Jones Now that you have taken all of the necessary steps in achieving your ultimate goal in business and you’re ready to sign off on that big deal you’ve been going after, there are a few last minute things you should think about and remember before signing the final paperwork. Remember a

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Inventors Seek Pot Of Gold

USA TODAY: You’ve probably never heard of Rachel Taylor. But it won’t be long before you can turn on the TV and hear hard-sell pitches – again and again – to buy the one-size-fits-all hair clip she invented. Taylor is a rare winner in a world of inventors bedeviled by losers. She recently earned a

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Mobile Photography

photo credit: John Kratz I came across a very fun article on The Franchise King Blog about the top franchise to buy for the month of May. I couldn’t believe it when I read the top franchise is a mobile photography business called Grins2Go! It’s the only traveling photography company to the best of their knowledge.

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Newspaper Advertising

photo credit: aloshbennett Even today you can see people sitting down with a cup of morning coffee or on their lunch break reading a newspaper. Even online newspaper reading is a booming trend today. Advertisers are reaping all kinds of revenue benefits from this medium, you can not afford to pass this advertising opportunity up.

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Co-Working Thrives in Recession

photo credit: naemick Co-Working is the idea of renting a desk and limited space amongst others for around $250 a month for your working needs. Past studies show that co-working decreased in the first few months of previous recessions but then rapidly picked up as the recession continued. It is already prove true once again

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Zerovoc Offers An Earth-Friendly Water Sealant And Business Opportunity

To ensure the longest life from your driveway to your porch, you’ll want to keep it protected. While sealants are made to do the job, they’re not all created equal. Zerovoc Technology uses an earth-friendly process and materials to create their sealants. Their protective water sealer will protect wood, concrete, and masonry materials. We recently

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