From Peru To Your Feet

Evan Streusand found his path to fashion while visiting Peru. He never expect to end up in that industry, but what discovered while reluctantly visiting a boot shop has helped him become an entrepreneur. Streusand wasn’t so sure about the success of the boot, but the compliments kept pouring in and orders started to pick

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Vegan-Friendly Footwear

The Sacramento Bee: Handmade in the United States of recycled materials, Elizabeth’s features the season’s must-have footwear: peep-toe booties in faux leather that are long on style but short on environmental impact — they are biodegradable and emit no volatile compounds. Faux suede platform heels are versatile, sexy and made from recycled plastic and soft,

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First Aid For Fashion

Who do you call when your dress begins to slip? Elaine Popove, of course. She is the founder of Miss Fix Fashion Products, which is the home to Fashion-Aid. Her roll-on adhesive helps keep strapless dress from slipping too low, reports Campbell River Mirror. Popove’s Fashion-Aid product is a liquid fashion adhesive designed to secure

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Keeping Hair Dry In Style

When some people think of a scarf that will help keep hair dry, their thoughts often turn to the scarves and clear plastic tie-on hats that don’t usually offer much beyond function. However, one mompreneur is ready to change that by offering a more stylish option. Her unique rain scarf is called the Pop.N.Go. Each

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Drawing From Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unlikely of situations. According to USA Today, Becca Brown was inspired on prom night when her spiked heels sunk into the ground. A decade later, Brown offered her business school classmate an unusual idea for an entrepreneurship project: “Becca turned to me and said, ‘Why is there nothing

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